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Nchant 100% Natural Orange Essential Oil for Hair Nourishment Acne Massage -10ml

Nchant 100% Natural Orange Essential Oil for Hair Nourishment Acne Massage -10ml


Orange Essential Oil :

This warm, sweet-citrusy aroma that uplifts the mood and cheers the spirits. It is one of the favorite essential oils in aromatherapy that helps to relax the nerves.

Orange oil is obtained from the outer peel of the common orange fruit of the plant Citrus Sinensis. It is also called “sweet orange oil” and has been highly sought after for centuries for its immune-boosting effects. A familiar fragrance, the various uses and benefits of this oil will surprise you.


Benefits of Orange Essential oil:

  • The oils help to stabilize the pulse rate.
  • It stimulates the resilience of the immune system and eliminates bacteria.
  • Apart from health the orange oil boosts optimism, charm and self-confidence.
  • It helps to reduce depression.  
  • It works fantastically for skin infections.
  • It reduces emotional stress.
  • In soap, detergent, or kitchen cleaner the properties of oranges help improve in the fragrance and cleansing abilities.
  • It is also added to many beauty products, like lotion, shampoo, and acne treatments as it has antibacterial properties.
  • As a natural way to improve immune function and fight various ailments, orange oil has been a popular remedy in traditional medicine.
  • Its widespread treatment helps in improving digestion, chronic fatigue, colds, and flu.


Its varied uses are:

  • In your home, you can add a few drops in the cleanser or furniture spray and use it in your bedroom, and bathroom.
  • Dilute the oil in water to clean countertops, cutting boards, or appliances and avoid using bleach or chemicals that are found in most detergents.
  • Use it as a DIY cleanser for ants as it is a great natural ant repellant.
  • Use orange oil with carrier oil to create an awesome massage oil that can be rubbed into the abdominal area. It improves blood flow.


How to use:

Add a few drops of orange essential oil in a diffuser and let the sweet fragrance sway into your home. Smelling the fragrance gives a ‘feeling of happiness and comfort.’

Diffusing orange oil by adding some to your bath water or perfume, or inhaling it directly can lift your mood while relaxing you. Orange essential oil has a direct impact on the olfactory area of the brain that conjures emotional responses. This gives you a better sleep.



Did you know:

Throughout China and the Mediterranean as well as India this oil has been used for its therapeutic purposes for eons.

Orange oil is also used in green pesticides to kill ants naturally. So, add a few drops in the pesticides.

Orange oil goes well with almost any other oil.

Citrus oils can increase the effects of UV light exposure on the skin. Hence avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for some time if you apply the oil to your skin.

Always do a patch test for any allergy/reaction.


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