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N'chant Jasmine Valley Floral Fragrance for Refreshing Rejuvenating Perfume 50ml

N'chant Jasmine Valley Floral Fragrance for Refreshing Rejuvenating Perfume 50ml


The enigmatic world of fragrances is captivating. N’chant gives a twist by adding a floral or oriental tone or a fruity or spicy zest making their fragrances versatile. Jasmine Valley as the name suggests, has the top notes of Jasmine enchanting you with the earthy blossoms which are sweet, sultry, and musky. Ideal for day wear, its power can mesmerize you completely with the green scent.



  • 🌼Captivating Fragrance: N'chant's Jasmine Valley eau de parfum enchants with top notes of jasmine blossoms, exuding an earthy, sweet, sultry, and musky scent.
  • 🌼Versatile Wear: Ideal for daytime wear, this versatile fragrance can mesmerize you completely with its green, floral, and oriental tones.
  • 🌼Lasting Impression: The power of Jasmine Valley lingers, leaving a captivating trail that's perfect for making a lasting impression.
  • 🌼Floral Fusion: This fragrance expertly blends jasmine's enchanting aroma with a zesty, fruity twist or a spicy undertone for a unique olfactory experience.
  • 🌼Elevate Your Senses: Indulge in the enigmatic world of fragrances with N'chant's Jasmine Valley and elevate your senses with its captivating blend.



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