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The Birth of nchant: A Story of Pure Oils and Consumer Needs

Our parent brand, Aditi Essentials, has been a leading supplier of high-quality sandalwood products and essential oils to businesses for over two decades. As our reputation grew, we began receiving requests from individual consumers who wanted access to our pure and natural products in smaller quantities. It was clear that there was a growing demand for natural wellness products, and we wanted to share our passion for these products with the wider community.

This was the beginning of nchant - a brand born out of the desire to provide consumers with access to pure and natural wellness products. We started with a small range of essential oils, each carefully selected for their unique properties and benefits. As our product line expanded, we made sure to maintain our commitment to quality and purity.

Our products are made using only the finest natural ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers around the world. We believe that nature holds the key to wellness, and it is our mission to harness that power and bring it to you in the form of our natural and organic products.

We take pride in our roots and the story that brought us here. Our journey is a testament to our commitment to quality, care, and customer satisfaction. Join us on this journey and experience the enchantment of natural wellness with nchant.

The Heart and Soul of Nchant: A Story of Bharat Shetty and His Dedication to Natural Wellness

Bharat Shetty, the founder of Aditi Essentials and Nchant, is a man with a deep passion for natural wellness. He has been in the business of sandalwood and essential oils for over 25 years, building a reputation as a master of his craft in the B2B industry.

Bharat's journey began with Aditi Essentials, a company dedicated to providing pure, high-quality sandalwood and other essential oils in bulk quantities. As demand grew for smaller packs and bottles of essential oils, Bharat decided to start Nchant in 2016.

Driven by his belief in the power of natural wellness, Bharat has always been committed to providing his customers with the best possible products. His dedication and passion for his craft have helped him build a loyal customer base and establish Aditi Essentials and Nchant as trusted names in the industry.

Today, Bharat continues to lead his team with the same passion and commitment that he had when he started out over two decades ago. His vision for a world where natural wellness is accessible to all continues to inspire his team and guide the growth of the Aditi Essentials and Nchant brands.

Our Origins

Pure and natural essential oils for you

We at Nchant strive to offer you the best possible natural, pure aromatherapy and therapeutic products. Our parent company, Aditi Essentials was established in the year 1997 and quickly grew into one of India’s premier companies known for sourcing only the best essential oils from around the world for the cosmetic and fragrance industry. With more than two decades of experience in the B-2-B market, we now hope to bring that same quality and purity direct to your home with exciting lifestyle products aimed to heal the mind, body, and soul.

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